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Message from the CEO

"Working in residential and commercial cleaning for 10+ years, I understand the process of ensuring that your properties need to be kept clean, safe and continue to upkeep commercial property value."

When I decided to open my company in 2014, I knew that I would be able to assist the needs of residential and commercial property owners.

 I saw that there was a disconnect with cleaning services and their clients. I knew then I could change the mold by creating individual building assessments which allowed me to learn every intricate detail.

There are many commercial buildings that could use a building assessment  which can help property owners to save money, keep their property value high, and keep their properties occupied. 

One cleaning can make your commercial property shine! 

Schedule a building assessment today! Call Us

Executive Summary                                   Company Objectives

No Stress No Mess Cleaning Services (NSNMCS) is a well established  commercial cleaning service, proudly servicing fully in nationwide.We work throughout the United States independently and partner with other commercial properties. For over seven years of experience, we work in industries such as: medical, higher education, property,  management, post construction and commercial properties. We provide services such as: window cleaning, carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, common area cleaning, hard surface floor cleaning, janitorial cleaning and contract cleaning.

No Stress No Mess Cleaning Services objective is to provide commercial cleaning services ranging from Cleaning Consulting, Joint Partnerships, Commercial Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Post Construction, Medical Facilities, Higher Education, Property Management and Post Construction. At NSNMCS we want to be able to assist commercial companies keep their value, increase their revenue and keep their spaces occupied. We provide each of our customers with a building assessment to ensure that their properties are being maintained with excellence.

Our Mission Statement 

No Stress No Mess Cleaning Services mission is to assist property owners with the  maintaining and enhancing their property value, ensuring safety and creating healthy and productive environment.