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Subcontracting System Solutions

Subcontracting System Solutions focuses on providing solutions for our clients! We realize when running a company it become tedious and changed our focus on how we can better accommodate and serve our clients. Subcontracting System Solutions provides facility maintenance services, global supplying, fueling, non professional services. We work in both residential and commercial such as: treatment facilities, government, industrial, construction, waste management, and educational facilities.

Facility Maintenance Services

SSS will assist you with your day to day operations when it comes to the upkeep of your building. We work with both commercial and residential services to maintain their building needs. We have partnered with some of the best firms to assist us to keep your building in tip top shape.

Global Supplying

SSS will assist with supplying all of your supply needs. We have connection with some of the top manufactures. It doesn't matter how big or small. We provide office supplies, janitorial supplies, educational supplies, waste supplies,garbage containers and other miscellaneous supplies.


SSS provides landscaping and property maintenance is more than just mowing the lawn, edging, and blowing and raking the leaves. We provide landscaping services to ensure that your property continues to look immaculate.

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Fueling Services

 SSS provides

CNG(compressed natural gas) activator services to our clients who are in trucking and solid waste business. This service allows our clients to save money on their fueling needs.Ask us today how we can assist you with connecting and maintaining cng services.

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Non-Professional Services

SSS assist with providing non professional services for our clients such as: handy man services, painting, cleaning services, construction cleaners, liter pick up etc.

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